Residential Pest services 

We offer whole house pest control solutions with a nod toward the forward thinking home owners who seek a pest free home while ensuring the integrity of the environment that is home.  How do we do this?    EnviroWise Pest Solutions approaches each job with integrated pest management (IPM) as our guide. IPM is characterized as using control materials and techniques that pose the least possible hazard and are effective in a manner that minimizes risks to people, property, and the environment, and are used only after inspection and monitoring indicates they are needed according to pre-established guidelines and treatment thresholds.  While these are common ideas in commercial and Industrial areas, we think these same ideas and principles  can and should apply for our homes.  You can obtain the service on a frequency that fits your specific needs. Services are provided on a frequency ranging from weekly to alternate monthly. If this doesn’t seem to meet your needs, please ask about your specific needs, we want to be your pest control service solution company.


We have many choices in materials to offer your for your sensibilities.   As you might guess,  our EnviroWise service plans offer use of traditional and non traditional pesticide products like Essentria IC3 and others that are becoming more utilized and requested.  We always attempt to choose products combined with service frequencies that fit your needs for control, your sensibilities, and will deliver the pest control you want.  Still have questions?  Click here for more information.

Key Benefits

  •  Over 43 years of experience.
  • Webs are removed each service.  We utilize extension poles for those hard to reach 2nd story areas.
  • Our complete licensing allows us to treat all the areas of your home and yard, for all of your pest needs. We know of no other firm that will treat your property like We will, with pride and expert skills.
  • Convenient scheduling.
  • Reasonable rates.
  • Effective.
  • Certified,  Licensed, Professional, Technicians.
  • We hold both DPR licenses and SPCB Licenses.
  • Clean.
  • Prompt.
  • Guaranteed.

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Your EnviroWise  Pest Solutions maintenance plan begins with an inspection of your home and property to identify infestations and find every potential hiding and breeding ground for these pests.
We will then prescribe a customized treatment program designed to protect your home and family. We will apply special exterior treatments throughout the year to keep pests from migrating back into your home. Plus, every time We visit your home, We will remove all of the accessible spider webs.  We rid your home of pests and keep them away. EnviroWise’s trained professionals are readily available and fully prepared to offer clean, convenient, and professional service when ever you need, year round.

EnviroWise Pest Solutions recommends regular service to maintain control of insect pests. This program has been developed after years of in the field use, and has been found to be extremely effective in achieving control of most pest related problems.

If between regular service visits additional service is required, those visits are performed at no additional charge.

Service visits are always performed at your convenience. (early morning, late afternoon, appointments are available).