Rodents... You know, Rats and Mice, whether you think cute or ugh. We all agree... not here!

Order:Rodentia; Family:Muridae.  

  1. House mouse, Mus domesticus
  2. The Norway or Brown rat, Rattus norvegicus
  3. The Roof or Black rat, Rattus rattus

Rodent, it means to gnaw…

These creatures all have teeth that they must use to keep them filed down and sharp. In buildings they damage doors, floors, ceilings, walls, and more. What do we mean by more? Electrical wires, pipes, drains foundations… even automobiles and electronics. We haven’t even talked about how they affect health.


What do we do to resolve…

Like most things, the first on the list is a Rodent Inspection.  This addresses droppings, tracks,  gnaw damage, burrows, runways, grease marks, urine stains, odors, sounds, live or dead creatures, and SANITATION and ENTRY POINTS.  Then we create a plan, with exclusion and population reduction solutions… this is what we do!  

You can look forward to this when you use us for these issues:

Rodent populations diminished inside and outside.  Creatures that are no longer active due to the complete EnviroWise approach.  You made wise choices with EnviroWise to get rid of the mice or get rid of the rats.  Your rodent free structure will have been rodent proofed.   You can rest assured that this issue is all done, peace of mind intact.  You have the best satisfaction guarantees in the industry…  Money back…  If you want this solution, call us now 1-844-855-2847 or use the form below.

If you prefer additional technical information, the best there is can be found if you click here for rats or here for mice… y’all come back now okay?

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