Mosquito Control Special

Mosquito Control Special 

START EARLY and BEAT the BUZZ!   Start the In2Care Mosquito Control Solution with enough Traps to fully cover your properly  during the month of April and before the beginning of May and receive our best price  of your entire season of 4 week recharges.

EnviroWise Pest Solutions, a family owned company is offering a Full Site Mosquito Evaluation with every service purchased!  During our full site evaluation we will:

  • Inspect for standing water (definite breeding opportunities).
  • Identify structural or landscape issues that need attention.
  • Evaluate entire property and nearby conditions. 
  • You will receive a report of all activities and conducive  conditions observed. Recommendations for all conductive conditions noted.  A quote for all recommended actions that are part of our service skill sets.
  • All of these benefits are offered free of charge and with no obligations with every Mosquito service we offer..

Install EnviroWise Pest Solutions offers  many options for Exterior Mosquito Treatment**:

Option- A  The Primary treatment choice we recommend and offer is the In2care Mosquito Trap.  This is because In2Care is a 24/7; 4 week active solution with at least 80% control. Click on the next link for more information. Back to the In2Care /EnviroWise Pest Solutions Page.
 All other spraying options are thought of as event barrior treatments and often produce control of short duration.

JULY 2019 Mosquito Independence SPECIAL!  

Install an In2Care system for $80.00 per station and monthly up keep is only $35.00 per station each month through October.  Then your done until next Mosquito season!  The  number of Stations depends upon area to cover!  This is our best deal of the year!   With this you will spend  Just $185.00 per station for four or more months of better than 80% control!  Call now these items are in limited supply!


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EnviroWise Pest Solutions has Four service plan options:

Option 1 – Installation of the In2Care Mosquito stations, each station covers up to 4300 Sq. Ft.  Additional 4 week monitoring throughout the season required to maintain the effective solution inside of the traps. The minimum monthly maintenance fee is $42.00 for one station and averages about $35.00 per station for larger quantities of stations.

Option 2 – Mosquito Control Spray services.  These  Event oriented Barrior treatments have an Initial Service starting as low as $159.00 with a Monthly Service starting as low as $79.00 per month. 

Option 3 – No Contract Event Barrier Treatment starting as low as $189.00.

Call 559-765-0944 NOW for details and to schedule your Monthly Mosquito Service!

All of our efforts are designed to reduce your location’s frequency of mosquito sightings,  We do not expect to eliminate all of the possible mosquito activity due to the limitations of single site treatments… so tell your neighbors. The more areas we treat the better the area of control.  Also use your favorite mosquito repellent anytime you or your family is outside.  Ask about our favorites repellents