Our Founder, Eddie .

our founder
Our Founder

Our Founder, Eddie Peuker

Eddie has been in the pest control business since 1977.  Starting in Fresno at Delk- Terminix.  He moved to Sacramento with Terminix in 1982.  He has varied experience from Clark Pest Control, Zap Termite and Pest, Arizona Exterminating, Sprague and more.     He has managed a large company for more than Eighteen years has managed a total of Four different companies and owned two.

As a leader in his field, he has obtained leadership licensing in California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Colorado.  Current licensing in California includes Structural Fumigation, General Pest, and Termite as well as DPR licenses in Residential, Industrial, and Institutional, Landscape Maintenance, Right of Way, and Health Related categories.

He has completed the Purdue University Center For Urban and Industrial Pest Management “Introduction to Urban and Industrial IPM” as well as the Advanced course of “Food Plant IPM”.  This training has allowed us to have unique expectations and results.  

He has been a member of the California Pest Control Operators and has completed many courses of training through this organization and many others.  

And the rest of the crew...

This is Deb
#1 Deb P.

Deb P. Is the home front leader for this family operation.  She is the person who will most likely have the reins that keep this act on the path to success.  She manages the schedules, the accounts receivables, the complete operation and back side of this operation is her world.  She is indeed #1.

She is from Tuscola, Illinois and finds herself here in Fresno, CA as  the matriarch of the family which is Eddie, her father, her son, two dogs, the  cat Clarence (and a number of other cats who stop by for a snack), a turtle,  and her well fed and nested birds.  

Levi L. and his daughter
Levi and his daughter, Samantha.

Levi joined the EnviroWise team in May of 2018. Levi is a retired Air Force vehicle mechanic with over 27 years of customer service experience. During his career with the Air Force he not only turned wrenches, but was in charge of overseeing on-the-job training for over 80 personnel and other programs such as Safety, Bio Environmental compliance, and Quality Assurance. Levi has supervised and cultivated the training of over 300 military and civilian personnel through his career. As an E-6 he was appointed to the position of Vehicle Maintenance Superintendent, a rank usually held by an E-9, or GS-15 civilian, and was deployed to the Middle East 8 times throughout his career. His 10 year old daughter Samantha is his life’s breath.

Levi originally hails from Tuscola, Il and moved to San Jose, CA in 1979 when he was 4. After a brief move to Strawberry, CA just north of Placerville he grew up in the bay area specifically Fremont. When he was 13 the family moved to Antelope, CA. His first job was working for Sentry Fire Control assisting in inspecting fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems.  At 16 he joined Long John Silver’s team as a cashier and became an assistant manager when he turned 18. In 1995 he decided to go back to school and went to work for Carl’s Jr as a dishwasher, but made a life changing decision by joining the United States Air Force in 1995.

In 2013 due to over manning in the Air Force and his career field, Levi was offered early retirement with full benefits under the TERA (Temporary Early Retirement Authority). Shortly after he was presented with another one year tour in Afghanistan and decided retirement was the best option for him and his daughter.